Russia & India: You Should Be Concerned

If, as Jane's reports (linked in title), the Russkies are doing joint exercises with India we should be very concerned.

Why would I say that? Think WWI alliance linkages and what happened. If you don't know then sue your liberal school system. Try to picture dominoes in a chain and what happens when you push one over.

Here is my recipie for the big picture:
  • Iran + China

  • China + Russia

  • Russia + India

  • Stir in: USA in Iraq and Afghanistan, with some pressure applied on North Korea for nukes and starving civillians. Simmer over political questions relating to the UN and EU. Watch for USA military resources to be streched thin and the Chinese to complete an operational battle fleet.

    If-no let's be realistic: WHEN China takes Taiwan-AND they will eventually do this.
    The dominoes start to fall.

    USA takes on China as we have pledged to defend democratic Taiwan. The same China who is possibly moving toward alliances with Iran, Russia and India. People think: you don't do joint exercises of military with countries for the heck of it. The long-term question comes down to motive and benefit as to who would do what. The short-term question asks what message we in the USA are being sent by the Russians, Chinese and Indians in these recent little shows of community.

    This makes a great plot for a Clancy/Brown book but it smells too close to reality for me. Of course the ones who should be really concerned are the Japanese and Taiwanese. Virtually defenseless against China and Russia they would have to depend on our response.

    A dangerous and bleak picture don't you think? More to think about:
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