Ray Nagen: Pride goeth before the flood?

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A question for soon-to-be former mayor Nagen of New Orleans: what did you mean when you said you wanted Greyhound buses in the interview transcript liked in the title? Did you mean that you needed them in addition to school buses? Or did you mean that you didn't want to use those utilitarian buses and wanted more luxury for your constituents? Is that why you ignored the evacuation plan and did not utilize your resources- for pride?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHeck, pictures are worth 1000 words, and since the municipal buses are parked under water I guess you were too proud to put your people on anything less than the Grehounds that still haven't shown up. I am quite sure the relatives of the drowned appreciate you holding out for something better. Explain how you were holding out for their benefit?

To ambulance chasing Louisiana lawyers: the suit should read Ray Nagen, Mayor as the first in line. Or should it be Governor Kathleen Blanco then Mayor Ray?