Our Geezer Moment

My wife was asking me the other day what the "big deal was about those iPods." To be fair, my tech base is decent in that I can edit html, rip (and burn)a DVD, post my pics online and sell on eBay. I've downloaded about 20 songs, mostly comedy bits from Foxworthy and Engvall. Ask me what is cool and I'll say my surround sound system, but that is 1990's.

Then I got this email from
  • eCost
  • (whom I do recommend for excellent service, and they happen to be Tennessee based so the service shouldn't surprise anyone) about mini-iPods and accessories. Crap! I had an inkling but didn't know it was this big!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
    The walkman/Atari generation is waking up to geezerhood.

    So I got to thinking about my 3 year old...and I feel like putting my teeth in and telling her about:

    -Being happy that I had a mono turntable for my 45’s
    -That my version of interactive was a book with a record
    -My virtual reality involved spinning around really fast and falling down to watch the sky wiggle
    -If I had 12 songs I liked that they took up the space of a milk crate
    -If I wanted to watch my favorite cartoon I had to wait until next Saturday, which really stunk on Sunday
    -If your TV was in the car that meant it was broken and going to be fixed
    -I was the remote control for the TV, or my sister was
    -Dish was what you ate from, not mounted on the side of the house for TV
    -Messaging my friends involved pencil and paper
    -Emoticons also involved pencil and paper
    -Internet was where the lightning bugs were caught
    -The key board was where mommy hung her car keys
    -If we had a mouse at our house we put out a trap and killed it

    (Let's just leave out the part about crawling around the front seat and chewing on the dashboard of my Grandmother’s Mercury. Some things she just doesn't need to know.)

    I must admit I am glad we both have swing sets and legos- even if her legos look like her favorite cartoon and actually can talk!