Mickey-Mousing with Islam, Truth & Michael Graham

I have been re-working this post about the truths of Islam as revealed through this priest being a smart ass. In the mean time this topic has bridged a second related story regarding truth being ignored by Disney-ABC. Here is the bulk of the original research:

From the MERMI project, a group dedicated to watching TV from the Muslim nut cases and making sure their actual words are heard. Let me share with you this first piece from Coptic Priest
  • Zakariya Boutrus:

  • "The viewers may say, "Is this priest crazy, or what? These demands could only be made by an insane man... To strike out Koranic verses... Does this make any sense? What is he going on about?" OK, if you cannot change (the Koran), why are you asking us to change our beliefs? Why do you demand that we say what you say, or else - the sword?"

    If you read all the way through-and you should because it's short- you realize he's being a huge wise-ass about what the Koran actually says. In other words, it does say to kill the infidel Christians, it does say to attack the Jews, it does say to make war on those who do not agree that Allah is the one. He also says that Muhammed was permitted to rape or screw any woman he pleased. What did the very next exchange mean:
    "Interviewer: We know that the Prophet is allowed what others are not.
    Boutrus: Why? Is he made of different stuff than the rest of mankind?"

    That rule about what woman a man wants to be with should be applied to any Muslim man...are they seriously talking about that? Yes because that's what the Koran says!

    Then MERMI reports quotes from Director of the Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies,
  • Hani Al-Siba'i:

  • "Siba'i I say that Islam forbids the killing of innocent people in London, Egypt, America, and anywhere in the world. I am surprised by the multitude of fatwas that are issued, ruling that Islam "prohibits the killing of the innocent." This goes without saying."

    These two different "leaders of the faith" are talking from the same book? Now don't even go there about how "I have fellow Christian nuts out there" because there aren't any true Christians who advocate murder. Yes even with brother Pat Robertson who lost control over his tongue the other day, and these
  • non-Jesus nutcases
  • in Kansas. Those actions are not CHRIST-LIKE and therefore UN-CHRISTIAN! Unfortunately the same definitively cannot be said for Islam. Apparently you can kill a Christian and take someone else's wife and still be a good Muslim!

    When speaking about Islam it is difficult to deny the truths of this Copotic Priest. However, ABC-Disney have done just that with their firing of
  • Michael Graham from 630 WMAL.
  • Mike does say that "moderate Islamics" are owed an apologly. The unfortunate truth is that they are just deceived as the Westborough Church of Topeka Kansas is.

    It's all related you know: (JWR ARTICLE LINKS)
  • Gaza

  • Politics

  • and Michael Graham's not-nearly-hard enough truth. The sad thing is that the truth is unpopular because it means we have to say someone is right and someone else is wrong. That requires "righteousness" on somebody's part. Or as Diane West wrote so eloquently linked in the "politics" section above: "In America today, it is considered better to cut the mike, seeking not the truth, but rather a kind of security from the truth."

    Unfortunately righeteousness & truth ain't cool.