Michigan, Partial Birth, and Unchecked Dictators


One individual has used his authority over half a million people to impose laws allowing murder. Anywhere else that would be called at best a dictator, at worst a crime against humanity. However it's happening here in the USA.

U.S. District Court Judge Denise Page Hood has overturned the Michigan House, Senate and 460,000 voters democratic wishes saying the law is unconstitutional. Once you understand this fact then you start to see why Robert's stance of "umpire" not player is so important to Christians when it comes to the supreme court.

I will step back a moment and admit that I have no idea what the wording is that brought him to this conclusion. I do know that the law was intended to stop the stretching of the birth canal and shoving a pair of scissors to cut out the "tissue" chunk by chunk or the sliding of the head down the canal for brain removal- that's partial birth abortion. I would hazard a logical guess that the wording was intended to permit the continued use of "more traditional" (the "flowbie" vacuum-razorblade version) abortions.
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SAMUEL'S HAND: eligible for partial birth- and why it should be outlawed!

In a perfect world, I would not ban abortions per say. I would simply write a law that is the logical corollary to existing statutes: if death is determined by brain activity absence ergo life must be determined by the presence of brain activity. IF my fellow anti-abortionists would join me in this simple quest there would be great difficulty fighting the truth of it from any side.

If Terri Schaivo could be killed because of lack of brain function then anyone with brain function should not be killed. Wouldn't that make a nice tribute to Schaivo's memory?