I am not given to celebrity anything, just in case this is your first time seeing my blog. Even if you could care less here is some information you need to know:

First click the title. This is an interview with Matthew McConaughey (Sahara, Sweet Home Alabama, A Time To Kill) who is working in the trenches with hurricane survivors. He is a class act and seems to have his head on straight worrying about the people instead of blame. At this point I haven't heard anything negative from him and to me that is a sign of class(note to Brosnan).

Next, you may have heard that his most recent part on DVD is Sahara.
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What you may not know is that the movie is based on one of a series of books by Clive Cussler. The significance is that Cussler takes his earnings from book sales, and presumably from SAHARA sales, and uses them to fund searches for shipwrecks, usually of historical significance. The ones he finds are then turned over to state officials, historical societies or whomever should have it. This guy is a class act just like Matthew.

Since you likely won't hear about both of these facts about a couple of class-act men in many other places I thought I would print them here.

As an aside, the Cussler books are for fun. I wouldn't call them classics, but I have enjoyed reading the Dirk Pitt adventures and would recommend them.