Looters: The Big Easy's Shame

"John Carolan was sitting on his porch in the thick, humid darkness just before midnight Tuesday when three or four young men, one with a knife and another with a machete, stopped in front of his fence and pointed to the generator humming in the front yard. [One] said, 'We want that generator.' [Carolan responded] 'I fired a couple of rounds over their heads with a .357 Magnum . . . they scattered. You've heard of the law west of the Pecos? This is the law west of Canal Street.'" (Quote source linked in title)

Florida, Virginia, the Carolinas are hit with hurricanes. Some looting is reported. New Orleans is hit and the cops are getting the best stuff first while armed roving thugs rape, murder and loot?
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What is the difference here?

When a Canadian tourist asks a New Orleans Cop for assistance he responds "F- off, it's every man for himself."

A good quote to sum it up:
"I am absolutely disgusted. After the tsunami our people, even the ones who lost everything, wanted to help the others who were suffering," said Sajeewa Chinthaka, 36, as he watched a cricket match in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
"Not a single tourist caught in the tsunami was mugged. Now with all this happening in the U.S. we can easily see where the civilized part of the world's population is."
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  • Now reader, do you begin to understand my rants about the social fabric? Do you begin to understand why I am so against the thug hip-hop culture? This hurricane is different because it impacted an area of people who see themselves as impoverished. Those who are looting and shooting genuinely think that they deserve the right both to live in a free country and steal what they need. That thinking is mutually exclusive. The people who survived Andrew had a fundamental understanding of contributing to society. I can't say the same for what seems to be a significant minority of New Orleans residents and officials.

    It is a shame that will take generations to heal.

    My note to the world: as you read this understand that there is a small group of people who act this way when things go badly. It just so-happens that this storm found a large collection of them in New Orleans. Add in a very poorly managed response and the pot boils over. Given enough time the necessary help is arriving. Unfortunately time and culture are working against us.

    I fear more horrors are still to come before it is all over.

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