How To Change The World

We don't make a difference by naysaying, pointing fingers or legislation. The real differences come from individuals with big ideas. Bell, Edison, Walton, Jobs: individuals with ideas that have impacted and changed people's lives. (No, Gore did NOT invent the internet...)

I think we are seeing someone else with the same goal in Nicholas Negroponte, a man who wants to mass produce a $100 laptop.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This laptop would be made of hard rubber and virtually indestructable. Feature linux as OS (it's free) have a 500mhz processor (functional and cheap) and even have a built-in hand crank for manual power when electricity isn't available!

Of course the visionary is missing some of the side-effects of his invention. However
  • Decript Old Fool
  • has pointed those out so well that I don't have to. My personal favorite side effects 1) is the idea that the big boys would have to scramble to cheapen their expensive laptops and 2) access to world news and blogs for oppressed peoples. Wonder what "unhealthy" news some peoples might access with this technology?