Farrahkan The Nut

Pundits everywhere should love it whenever Louis Farrakhan graces the media with his thoughts.
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His current colorful fiction is that the Corp of engineers blew up levees in an effort to target black homes. Previous colorful fiction includes the Armageddon against white people that was supposed to happen in 1970, the "forty spaceships shaped as wheels that follow him everywhere he goes." Perhaps his most famous one is his "UFO abduction" back in 1996 where he flew in a circular ship up to a mother ship 40 miles over the Earth and met with a dead guy and...

When pressed by Ted Koppell on Nightline regarding this looney comment, Farrakhan defended and asserted the veracity of his statement. He also added that the "gov'mint" knows about those ships and that movie made a lot of money on them (Independence Day).

Um, right.

For those of you who say he isn't dangerous please recall his
  • "World Friendship Tour"
  • better known as "Kill Christians and I'll come see you" tour of Iran, Iraq, Lybia, Nigera and the Sudan.

    Somebody please get this guy back on his meds!!!!