Commies IX: Insight, Disney, Hackers and Sattelite War

Chinese Paranoia alert:

Over the past 60 days I've collected a few more insights into our future aggressors China.
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  • Insight into the Chinese Government thinking

  • Essentially the Chinese government wants to determine what the people should and should not know in the news. "Healthy" is an indicitive choice of words in that it represents a view of what "unhealthy" is to the Chinese government: an informed populace. Scary, no? Those of you who think our news is "in bed with" or "drinking the kool-aid" of the adminstration should see what the Chinese do with the internet and news.

  • Disney China opened.

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    There is something distinctly wrong with this that I can't quite put my finger on. At the same time, it would be hard to disguise the fact that Disney world is a concept born of a capatilistic country with lots of free time, surplus income, and creativity. I am not entirely sure why the Chinese would allow this into their country?

  • Titan Rain hackers

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    Organized Chinese hackers are caught red-handed (love that pun!) attacking US computers with top-secret information. Don't think for one moment that is the act of a country that is not hostile to our interests. Here is more information from
  • techtv

  • Sattelite Warfare:
    We have been seeing reports buried between hurricanes about anti-satellite weapons and the Bush administration's withdrawal from the treaty that
  • prohibited
  • space-based weapons. What you might not have heard is that one company has lost two satellites within 2 months of each other at the beginning of the year. The exact same "total electrical failure" happened on both satellites.

    The scary thing is that these units while operated by
  • Intelsat
  • were built by two different companies: Lockheed built one and Loral built the other. Because of the nature of the similarities in the failures combined with the fact that the two satellites were not of a common build, a logical conclusion could be they were attacked by the same unknown phenomenon (ahem, "weapon").

    If you mix in some paranoia and read between the lines, it looks like we as a country KNOW that someone is field-testing some anti-satellite weapon. Admittedly, I have very few facts to stand on here, but the news is at best interesting, at worst a foreboding.