Byrd Is actually Right?

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Apparently I agree with Robert Byrd, the esteemed Democratic representative from the state of West Virginia. This comes a quite a surprise to me! Byrd is shocked at the lack of knowledge about the constitution and bill of rights within our liberally educated populace.

It would seem that these previous 30 years of liberal experimentation of teaching 3+2 is 6 because we don't want to damage self esteem, combined with focus on acceptance that it's ok for Heather to have two mommies and a program of promoting world culture while ignoring regional values and issues has finally taken its toll.

Few Americans surveyed could list their rights in the Bill of Rights. 75% of fourth graders could not correctly answer the 3 branches of Government question nor identify which document their government was based on in a mulitiple choice selection. Scary.

Failure to know one's rights is the first step toward losing them.

While agreement about the crisis is met, his solution was to insert wording into an Education funding bill requiring all institutions that receive education to teach the Constitution on a special day each year. Federally mandating the repair of the Federally broken education system? One day per year for the fix? I guess we can't agree on everything, but that brief moment shows there is still hope.

Funny how this can also be seen as another argument for school vouchers!