Blanco's Nightmares

The blogosphere has done an excellent job of nailing down what the facts are regarding the "Katrina Debacle", it looks like the self-evident truths are starting to hit the "mainstream" media and the axe is headed toward the governor.
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ABC news has just released a story that it looks as if the blame will come down on Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco. I heard a rumor she met with Bush on Air Force One prior to the disaster and said that she needed "24 hrs to think about it" (mandatory evacuation).

Memo to Kathleen: you will end up being the scapegoat. In all fairness the significant percentage of folks who perished might not have evacuated even if the buses had been called up by your office and the city's mayor. Also the local police weren't supposed to up-and-quit when the excrement hit the climate modification device. There will need to be a blood sacrifice for this debacle, and you are becoming the target. The fact that you are a female democrat won't save you from what is coming, so resign now and take the fall gracefully.