Big Easy Blame Game: Excuse to attack Bush

The article linked in the title is setting me off: some refuse to leave? It got me to thinking about all the blame being thrown at Bush from individuals, politicians and hollywood loudmouths. Let's analyze shall we:

It's not the individual who refuses to leave in spite of mandatory evacuation notices fault. (I have some interesting pictures related to those too poor to have transportation below). It must be Bush's fault that they refused to leave, and some still refuse even with sewage water up to their knees in their homes!

Nevermind that newspaper headline and local media declarations that said residents would be
  • on their own
  • if they didn't leave.

    It's not the mayor's fault that the evacuation plan wasn't followed... the part about utilizing
  • city operated buses
  • to evacuate those who could not drive themselves.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    City buses underwater (less than a mile from the dome!)
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    City school buses, underwater

    The "official" disaster plan of the local and state emergency management has had those very words on
  • page II-2 section 5
  • since way back in January 2000. I wonder if their mayor has even READ this document? After reading it I think might have seen the first page and the last 3 pages, but nothing in between. 90% of this document says that the State is responsible, and FEMA is only mentioned as an assistant-coordinator and possible funding source.

    You know, the ones you hear yelling the loudest about help are either
    A) responsible for the horrible execution of evacuation
    B)the same who could have benefited from a free ride? Might be good to make sure the people of Louisiana and this country know who was responsible, and it will surprise them.

    I'm not saying there isn't some stupid red tape and jurisdictional fiefdoms gumming up the relief efforts. I am saying that if the basic plan that was created prior to this event was followed we wouldn't have near this level of problem. The congressional investigation will prove all of this true in the long run.

    >>A big thanks to JunkyardBlog for the links and background!<<