Reader instructions: first scrunch up your shoulders and puff up your chest. Next scrunch down your eye brows to a triangle pointing at your nose. Now clear your throat and utilize Sam the Bald Eagle newscaster (from the old Muppet Show) type voice and read this article's quote about Earl Pike, director of the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland:
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"Critics, unsurprisingly took the study’s findings to task, calling them disturbing. Pike stated that the government should curtail funding until a more rigorous, long term study proved that the programs work. "I wouldn't be proud to promote that abstinence programs educate young people to avoid proven methods like condoms that we know reduce risk and save lives," Pike said."

Ok, you can relax your face and posture. Let's see, prelim study successful. So Mr. Pike says cut the funding to the program and then study it for a few more years because rubbers during teen sex work to save lives.

Ok. Got that.

As you do so note that Mr. Pike's income is dependent upon there being an AIDS problem.
Did that soak in yet? Good. Now read it again and tell me how this government leech got someone to stick a microphone in his belly-button so they could reach his mouth which is firmly in his colon with the rest of his head.


HOW DISINGENUOUS IS THIS GUY? If he really wants AIDS to stop the first place is to promote an end to out-of-wedlock sex. Stop it there and then you go to the blood supply and dirty needles. Jee Pike, if we stop AIDS in Cleveland what would you do for work? Is that your main concern?

Pike, the corollary to your statement is this: "As head of the greater Cleveland AIDS task force we want kids to use condoms and have sex. We want to cut the funding of what appears to be a successful program where we would dare suggest they wouldn't have sex."

The best quote from the article is a jab right back at you Pike:
"Globally, statistical evidence in Africa seems to support the findings of the Cleveland study. Uganda, which promotes abstinence-before-marriage programs has the lowest reported cases of AIDS/HIV while Botswana, a country that actively promotes condoms, has the highest rates."