African American in a Tanning Salon?

My friends know I like to argue and be difficult. They also know sometimes my observations are funny and on the mark. This is what started my Chris Rock esque rant: Surveillance Camera Rolls As Man Tries To Rape Woman At Tanning Salon

A black man walks into a tanning salon in Smyrna TN and tries to rape the employee. Now, not to belittle anyone here but how many black people do you see at tanning salons??? Did I miss something here or is that just blindingly obvious? If I'm working in a tanning salon and a big black guy walks in I think I'm dialing 9-1-1 before he grabs the handle cause he can't be there to get a tan!!!!

While I do feel bad for that poor woman... and maybe some loving husband of color did buy his wife tanning visits for a gift somewhere in this world... I can't help but wonder if she should not have thought "hey, something just doesn't add up here!"